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We are also prepared to deepen and complement the knowledge of elementary and high school pupils in astronomy, geography, natural history and physics at the Planetarium. We even have something for preschoolers. Accept your invitation for a trip into space! 

Seasonal screenings

The stars above are heads are in constant motion. We see different things in spring to in winter. Therefore we have prepared a short program with commentary before each film, where we show you which stars and constellations you will see later on the day you visit our science center.  

   Dawn of the Space Age

A centerpiece of our program. The film follows the first tentative steps of mankind, who wanted to fly to the stars, from the launch of the first Sputnik, through Neil Armstrong’s moon landing, to the present day with commercial flights into space or to other planets.  
Age category: 3rd - 9th grade, high schools
Learning: history, physics, astrophysics, technology
FEP: Man and His World, Man and Nature, Physics, Natural History, Geography


   Natural Selection

Studying human evolution at school? Then you mustn’t miss this chance to supplement your material with the the film Natural Selection. Become an inconspicuous guide to Charles Darwin on his expeditions and help him get to the bottom of evolutionary theory.  
Age category: 3rd - 9th grade
Learning: biology, geography, geology, genetics
FEP: Man and His World, Man and Nature, Natural History, Geography


How was the solar system born? It is already 4.6 billion years old! Come with us on a fascinating journey to each planet. What are they made of? What do they look like? What secrets do they hide? The film strives to answer all the questions each of us asks about space, the stars and planets using unique animations and real images.    
Age category: 5th - 9th grade, high schools
Learning: astrophysics, geology
FEP: Man and His World, Man and Nature, Physics, Natural History, Geography

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