We are a modern digital space, where you will experience a live show and a movie in one program.

Astronaut - a new movie in our collection

We are expanding our cosmic film library with another movie. Do you want to find out what the sick plane is for or what the inside of the NASA training center looks like? Well then, settle down in a comfy armchair in our Planetarium and prepare to get carried away. 
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New Screening - Journey to the Stars - Czech Premiere

From 1. 4. 2016
We invite you to our Planetarium for a new screening of Journey to the Stars. See this film for the first time in the Czech Republic exclusively at iQLANDIA.
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New resolution in the Planetarium

We’re starting the new year with a sky high resolution! Our Planetarium now features 4K technology (Ultra HD), so you can enjoy the night sky and films in much greater detail.
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Planetarium – film screenings on cosmic and terrestrial themes and live commentary on events in the night sky in one program.  
The iQLANDIA Planetarium offers a very popular combination of film and live commentary on current events in the night sky. The projection software containing an extensive range of thousands of astronomical objects will take you anywhere you can think of. We offer films on both cosmic and terrestrial themes in the latest 4K resolution, so make yourself comfy in one of our reclining armchairs and drift through time and space. 


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