Sexmission - travelling exhibition

Travelling exhibition available for your science center, museum, or gallery.
Everything your vistors always wanted to know about sex but were afraid to ask.
The Sexmission exhibition answers questions you don’t know the answers to or are afraid to ask in an interesting and sensitive manner. It is the only one of its kind in Europe. 
The topic of sexuality is taken for granted by some and taboo for others. The aim of the exhibition is to bring visitors closer to the topic of sexuality in a fun way. It was prepared in cooperation with sexologists and a child psychologist, and is open to children from 12 years of age or in the company of their parents.  
Although Sexmission deals with the sensitive issue of human sexuality, the spaces are designed to make the visitor feel comfortable. Visitors are accompanied by Mr XY and Mrs XX. The centerpiece of the exhibition is the “mother’s womb,” which serves as a rest area. While listening to the mother’s heartbeat, visitors can observe life emerging with the fertilization of an egg. The mother’s womb is interconnected with the ME, US, THEM and TABOO sections, brought to life with modern technology, interactive exhibits, interesting architectural designs and of course the content created for this exhibition. 

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