iQPARK program for the public

iQPARK – four floors full of playful interactive exhibits and with accompanying programs where you will enjoy lots of scientific fun. What is more, they come free as part of the admission to the exhibitions.

Playful laboratory

Experimenting and workshops in the laboratory, 4th floor of the iQPARK building.
Every weekend, state holiday and school vacation from 14.00.  
Duration: approximately 45 minutes.

Little Science Show

Become an assistant professor during experiments with a Van de Graaff generator - a device that can work magic with electricity. 
Daily from 11.00
Duration: approx 20 minutes.

Big Science Show

The Little Science Show isn’t enough for you? Then we offer more awesome experiments and magic with chemistry and physics to go with the Van de Graaff generator.
Every weekend, state holiday and school vacation from 16.00.  
Duration: approximately 45 minutes.

Due to technical reasons, the programs are generally in Czech. If you are interesten in a program in English, please contact

Current program:

January - February 2016  

Secrets of the Microworld

Part of the Playful Laboratory, you will look at a human hair or bee’s leg using a microscope under the guidance of our specialist lecturers.



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