A day out for the whole family – iQLANDIA science center

Thinking about where to take the kids for a family outing? You can save time searching for a suitable family trip by coming to visit one of the best known places of its kind in Europe - the unique iQLANDIA science center in Liberec, Czech Republic. 
Countless families and their children visit our interactive science and technology museum each year, and all fully enjoy their visit to this science and entertainment center. You won’t be bored even for a moment. Almost everything can be touched, tried,or thoroughly examined, and you can ask the staff - our guides in blue - about whatever interests you.

Vodní svět    Darth Vader   
We guarantee that your whole family will leave iQLANDIA with a smile on their face and full of experiences and impressions. Let your children large and small discover the wonderful world of science and the laws of nature that will grab them and not let go.  

Why should you bring your family on a trip to iQLANDIA?

  • You will enjoy a super family all-day trip – you and your children. The kids will have fun all day long and will also learn something. They can visit hundreds of different attractions and exhibits and see inside the unique Planetarium. Everything can be touched or explored and you can ask our helpful staff about anything that interests you.

  • The attractions are suitable for big and little alike - for children attending elementary school and those at high school. The parents will enjoy themselves just as much. 

  • In an informal educational form, children will become acquainted with the basic concepts and findings in areas such as chemistry, physics, biology, geology and many other subjects which they are studying or about to study at school. 

  • We are open all year from Tuesday to Friday and on Sundays from 9 to 17:00 o’clock and on Saturdays until 19:00. On Czech state holidays and during vacations we are open every day from 9 to19:00. 

  • The price of a full day visit and the chance to access all the exhibits for 2 parents and 2 children works out at 670 CZK (€28.00).

  • Almost the entire iQLANDIA complex is wheelchair friendly, and therefore suitable for visits by persons of reduced mobility and families with strollers. 

  • The IQCafé can be found directly on the premises, where you can have lunch or a snack.

  • The iQLANDIA complex is also just a short walk from the bus and train stations in Liberec (max. 10 minutes by foot), and you will find a large car park in front of iQLANDIA. 

  • All through the visit you can ask our helpful staff about anything. 

   Světelný tunel   

For kids - a tip for a family outing for you and your parents

Let your parents know that you’d like to go and see iQLANDIA in Liberec. Just tell them that: 
  • You want to spend some time having fun with your parents and you want to go on a family outing once in a while. Stick the information right under their noses. 

  • During your family outing to iQLANDIA you’ll have lots of fun but you’ll also find out lots of interesting things from the world of science and certainly won’t be bored. You’ll use lots of this knowledge both at school and in your practical life. 

  • You’ll see with your own eyes demonstrations and experiments from the world of science which school has neither time nor equipment for. You’d have to go to specialized laboratories which aren’t usually accessible to the public to see many of these experiments. Our science show is known outside the borders of the Czech Republic. 

  • We have over 400 interactive exhibits which you can try out for on your own skin and senses - Thespian the humanoid robot, the Mars Rover vehicle, cosmic training simulator, earthquake simulator and water fountain are our TOP 5. 

  •  Parents will be able to let you out of their sight and take a break. Nobody gets lost here, the loudspeaker search system works perfectly. 

Do you want to visit iQLANDIA?

Nothing could be simpler - we welcome guests nearly 365 days per year. If you have any questions, write us at info@iQlandia.cz or call +420 724 586 230. 

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