FAQ - frequently asked questions

Do you have any questions? Don’t know what to do? Here we present the most frequently asked questions.

Can I come and go as I please? How long is the ticket valid for?

Admissions are single – one entry, one exit. Hotel guests are an exception, their entry to the center is unlimited for the duration of their stay

How long does the tour last?

We recommend at least 4 hours for the tour. If you want to try out all the accompanying programs, go to the Planetarium and get refreshments, we recommend you allocate a whole day for your visit to our center.

Is there a restaurant or any refreshments?

Yes, the iQLANDIA building contains a restaurant selling food and hot and cold drinks. We also have vending machines. There is an area for eating your own refreshments in the picnic zone by the fountain.

Can I pay by card?

Yes, at our cash desks we accept Mastercard and Visa. We accept these payment cards during payment of admission, in iQshop and in the restaurant.
How much does parking cost and where can I pay?
If you are a visitor to iQLANDIA or iQPARK, then parking costs 50 CZK. When visiting iQLANDIA, take the parking ticket with you to the cash desk, the coupon will be activated upon payment. If you are visiting iQPARK, bring the receipt for your tickets with you, otherwise you will not be able to take advantage of the parking discount.
If there are free spaces, you may use the parking lot even if you are not visiting one of our centers. In this case the price is 150 CZK.

What is the minimum recommended age for iQLANDIA?

iQLANDIA is aimed for older children. The recommended age is 8 years old. The neighboring iQPARK is prepared for toddlers from 2 years of age.

Do you sell season tickets?

Yes, season tickets can be purchased at the cash desk. We sell public and corporate annual passes. You can find the current price list here.

Is there anybody who will advice me at the exhibitions?

There is a lecturer available at each exhibition. They will advise, present, explain, teach...

Are you wheelchair friendly?

Yes, we are. You can get almost everywhere on a wheelchair. Toilets for the disabled can be found on the 1st floor, and you can reach the temporary exhibitions by elevator... Two places are reserved for wheelchairs at the front of the Planetarium.

Where can I leave a message/review?

We will be glad for your feedback, how you liked it here, what you experienced, what you photographed. You can write and share on Facebook, Instagram, TripAdvisor or, for example, by e-mail.

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