Basic information

iQLANDIA is a modern science center for both children and adults. It is made up of ten extensive interactive expositions, a 3D planetarium and the Czech Republic’s first ever humanoid robot.

Nurseries, elementary and secondary schools are offered special lecturing programmes that introduce students to science and the fundamental notions of physics, chemistry and biology in an entertaining manner. Students can even carry out and participate in hands-on experiments that may otherwise not be feasible at their school. We also ensure that our lectures and themes can be are adaptable, allowing us to match them to teacher and school requirements. This in turn will help students to better appreciate and understand the topic, further inspiring their interest in science.

Entertaining and qualified lecturers

Programs of 40, 90 and 120 minutes take place under the leadership of qualified lecturers. They know very well how to grab children’s interest. They explain all phenomena clearly, with examples from daily life. They are real entertainers who can spread their enthusiasm to others.


Thematic Science Show: Appropriate supplementation of school science education, in a lecture format with the possibility of involvement of students in individual experiments. The price per pupil is 70 CZK.

Worksheets: Spice up your visit and have fun solving tasks, brain teasers or physical tricks at our exhibits. One worksheet costs 5 CZK, or you can download them from our website free of charge here.

Reservations at or on telephone +420 724 586 230

You also have discounted entry to all our exhibitions:

110 CZK/pupil to all our exhibitions for one whole day

170 CZK/pupil/projection in the 4K Planetarium + exhibitons  

70 CZK/pupil /projection in the 4K Planetarium (without exhibitions)

Come to us to inspire children for science!

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