We are a modern science center entertaining both kids and adults

Sexmission returns

from February 2018 

Our popular Sexmission exhibition returns to its place of birth. Come and explore the areas that everyone knows but is also still discovering.

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Astronaut - a new movie in our collection

We are expanding our cosmic film library with another movie. Do you want to find out what the sick plane is for or what the inside of the NASA training center looks like? Well then, settle down in a comfy armchair in our Planetarium and prepare to get carried away. 

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New exhibits

An interactive periodic table, moon mirror, sailing - this is just a small sample from the series of new exhibits gradually adding to the iQLANDIA exhibitions. Come and try them out.

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School vacation for you? A great program with us…

Are children in your region on vacation? Are you looking for original entertainment for the whole family? Come to us at iQLANDIA! 

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Cosmo - new space exhibition

We invite you to a new exhibition where you can drive a space buggy around Mars, see what it feels like to be a cosmonaut in the Vostok 28 landing module, or watch an alien autopsy.  

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We are a modern science center with a planetarium and hundreds of original interactive exhibits. A world of science and technology that grabs you and doesn’t let go. A world of fascinating experiments and smart entertainment!  
Here you will meet the first humanoid robot in the Czech Republic, go through genuine astronaut training, experience a firestorm and a dance of lightning, and find out how the human body and world around us work - in short, you’ll find the answers to all your questions here. Stop thinking about what you don’t know and come and have fun with us. Every WHY has an entertaining BECAUSE here at iQLANDIA!  


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